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SalesStack Dashboard

From the Site Map, navigate to Accounts

New Account

From the Account view, click the '+New' button found on the ribbon.

Enter Account Information

Enter required fields including:

  • Account Name
  • First Touch Source
  • First Touch Details.

First Touch Lead Source

First Touch Source is important information in attributing leads

First Touch Details

Click Save will save the record.

Creating a Contact

Click the Contact tab to see a list of contacts.  As this is a new account you will create a new contact automatically associating the new contact to this newly created account.

Create a Contact

Click the '+New Contact' button,  A quick create flyout window appears.

Create a Contact

Enter required information on the contact form.

Save Contact Record

Click Save and Close, or the little arrow allows you to select 'Save and New' to add additional contacts.

Back to Summary

Click the Summary tab to return to the Account's main form.


Timeline tab will show all activities associated to the account including emails or phone calls to associated contacts, as well as any account changes.


Opportunities tab identifies any opportunities associated to the account.


View all projects


Subscriptions tab tells you what the customer owns and when the renewal is coming due.


View support cases


View invoices and invoice status


Relationship Type helps identify accounts as Active Customers or Prospects.


The Account Stage tells you where the account is in the Customer Lifecycle. The stage will move along automatically, or with manual intervention.

Overview of Account form

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